Ukulele Rockers is Happening again! Term 4, 2019

Are you ready to ROCK!

Come and learn all the techniques, thrills and spills of the ukulele with the ultimate Ukulele Rocker Program. We play modern well known songs where you get to experience the feeling of playing in a band along with fun themes from movies, modern rock and well and retro classics.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! But if you've never played before (or don't have a ukulele), make you let us know so we can accomodate you.

Some of the things we cover;
Well known riffs
How to play in time
Ukulele Percussion
Strumming styles including flamenco, swing, triplet strumming, reggae
Finger Picking & Scales
Playing in Canon
Reading music
Playing above the 5th fret
Beginner - Advanced Chords
Using the Loop Pedal - Looping on Riffs

ALL Ukulele Rockers will have the chance to purchase "The Ukulele Rockers Handbook" which will have what we cover week to week in case you miss out!

All levels welcome.
6.30-7.15 - TECHNIQUE . 7.30-8.30 - STRUM /RIFF AND PLAY
Tea and coffee break in between.

Location: Grange Baptist Church
Dates; 10 weeks, Monday nights 6.30-8.30, 14th Oct - 16th December (break up party week 10)
COST: $25 casual attendance, $15 prepaid*
*must book at beginning of term*
First Week FREE.
Newcomers and All levels of playing welcome!

BOOK NOW - see our ‘Book Now’ page

or check out our Meet Up Group

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FINGER YOGA how to improve your Chord Hand technique

Have you ever wanted to level up your playing beyond the basic C-G-F chords? Are you interested in learning ways to include a bit of ‘X’ Factor Ukulele magic?

Introducing Finger Yoga; a range of exercises for your fingers to become powerful chord hands!

See below for the latest Elmukulele Video;

New Single 'Clean Slate' Now Out

The anticipated single Clean Slate is now out in the world for your listening pleasure!

The theme of fresh starts and rebirthing old into new lead into this wonderful song and has been recorded on a Baritone Ukulele, along with beautiful harmonies, soaring dreamy synth and heavy beats.

Read the intriguing interview with The Sound Check Au here to find more about the creative process

Listen to Clean Slate now (on Spotify) or listen below (available for purchase and download on the Music and Tutorials Page or on Bandcamp)

Miss Elm is Releasing a NEW SINGLE

RSVP TO THE LIVE SHOW HERE ($10 Entry, 4th August)

Ukulele Folk- Pop Princess is back with her new single that is the epitome of all things re-birthed; ‘Clean Slate’.

Fiery redhead singer-songwriter Miss Elm, known for her angelic 3 octave range and finalist nomination in the Qld Music Awards, has returned to the scene with her intriguing melodies and stories entwining love, life’s journey and overcoming obstacles with her new stripped back acoustic sound.

Her heart-led folk songs are captivating Brisbane’s local acoustic-loving crowds and they’re in for a treat with her new single.

With baritone ukulele, booming bass and layered vocals, “Clean Slate" is about forging new paths, listening to your heart and leaving behind the old to embrace the new.

"My feet are glued to the floor, but I know that my heart wants more" - lyrics from "Clean Slate"

Brisbane based Miss Elm, was born to a plane crash surviving jazz musician and a dramatic actress and thus was destined to creatively express. In another lifetime, Miss Elm was a 4 piece band that toured Australia's East Coast but wiping her slate clean, Miss Elm comes back to the basics in her new solo ukulele project .
‘Clean Slate’ will be out digitally on the 4th of August and accompanied by a live show at The Milk Factory, 4pm, 4th August




After much head scratching at how we can BEST deliver a Ukulele Experience that helps progress playing not only alone, but in a group; Elmukulele has created THE UKULELE ROCKERS.

This fabulous class will be run by the Qld school term and creates that much needed space for Adult players to open up their skills and learn to play within a group, as well as finger pick, read music, play in time, learn cool riffs and SO much more!

The Ukulele Rockers will be commencing 15th July Term 3, 2019, and is open to anyone wanting advance their skills and play in a cool group.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. Head to our ‘book now’ page or see the flyer below;

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Children's Expressive Wellness Workshop a Success!

Both Elmukulele and Essentially me, aka Erin and Joey had a wonderful time with the kids facilitating the workshop.

We started with the Children getting the chance to explore scents and linking them to emotions which turned into a really fun exercise of some wonderful customized perfumes being created for each child having their own little ‘secret weapon’ when it came to harnessing and becoming aware of their emotions.

Next up we had exploration and learning with Ukuleles, songwriting, understanding chords, strumming, rhythms and expression! The kids enjoyed fun games and a chance to creatively let loose with their imagination producing all sorts of interesting stories from unicorns, emotional understanding, riffs and drawings.

A great afternoon and a ball of fun!

Thanks to all that came along.

We hope to do another in the future.

- elmukulele

Rewarding the kids with a little performance at the end

Rewarding the kids with a little performance at the end

Children's Expressive Wellness Workshop

Elmukulele has teamed up with Joey at Essentially Me to create something special this Easter Holidays to help keep your children entertained and inspired!

This workshop will give Children the chance to create their own customized scent and song!

Ticket Link Here

A wonderful chance for children to explore their emotions and expression through intuitive creation, songwriting, Ukulele, music, aromatherapy and essential oils.

Children will be guided and nurtured with the help of Erin and Joey; seasoned workshop facilitators and passionate about contributing to the wellness of children!

Ages 6 -12

Children will take home

- Their own customized scent

- Their own songwriting workbook to continue working on

- Some beginner Ukulele Skills*

*Ukuleles available to hire in limited supply for an extra $10*

Hosted at the beautiful Yoga Everyday Space in Stafford, equipped with it's very own 'Zen Garden' for your child to bliss out and find their own inner inspiration.

About Elmukulele;

Erin grew a love of Ukuleles for their simplicity, transportable size, powerful sound and variety. Erin quickly became the expert on all things Ukulele and developed her own unique sound. She now loves helping others find their creativity through Ukulele and sparking joy in anyone who will listen.

ELMUKULELE is a hybrid service of tuition, workshops and customised musical experience for all those (young and old) who love music, want to improve their skills or play an instrument for the first time

About Joey;

Joey is a Mum of 3 and entrepeneur who has a deep passion for empowering people to connect, make conscious choices and to live a healthier happier life.

This passion is a result of her own experiences; how she empowered herself and learnt to make conscious choices for the health of my family, when, five years ago when her second child was diagnosed with celiac disease. This diagnosis kick started her focus on healthy eating, and the larger wellness journey that followed.



Book now to secure your child's spot.

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Ukuleles For Cricketers

Jiminy Cricket! In collaboration with Cricket Australia, Elmukulele had a wonderful time this month working with the junior Australian cricket team providing a 2 hour workshop focused on team bonding, discovery and fun. 

The cricket team had no idea what they were in for and had not been told what they were doing, so you can imagine the looks on the faces walking through the door seeing rows of colourful ukuleles awaiting them! We had them strumming, singing and performing in groups within 2 hours and it was a delight to see the team getting to know each other in a different setting, with some hidden talents emerging by the end of the day. 

We ended on a high as the Cricket players were able to take home their very own (travel size) ukuleles to take with them on their journey.  

If you're looking for something different for your team (corporate, sporting or community) it's a fantastic experience for all.

Check out some of the fun below.