Children's Expressive Wellness Workshop a Success!

Both Elmukulele and Essentially me, aka Erin and Joey had a wonderful time with the kids facilitating the workshop.

We started with the Children getting the chance to explore scents and linking them to emotions which turned into a really fun exercise of some wonderful customized perfumes being created for each child having their own little ‘secret weapon’ when it came to harnessing and becoming aware of their emotions.

Next up we had exploration and learning with Ukuleles, songwriting, understanding chords, strumming, rhythms and expression! The kids enjoyed fun games and a chance to creatively let loose with their imagination producing all sorts of interesting stories from unicorns, emotional understanding, riffs and drawings.

A great afternoon and a ball of fun!

Thanks to all that came along.

We hope to do another in the future.

- elmukulele

Rewarding the kids with a little performance at the end

Rewarding the kids with a little performance at the end

Children's Expressive Wellness Workshop

Elmukulele has teamed up with Joey at Essentially Me to create something special this Easter Holidays to help keep your children entertained and inspired!

This workshop will give Children the chance to create their own customized scent and song!

Ticket Link Here

A wonderful chance for children to explore their emotions and expression through intuitive creation, songwriting, Ukulele, music, aromatherapy and essential oils.

Children will be guided and nurtured with the help of Erin and Joey; seasoned workshop facilitators and passionate about contributing to the wellness of children!

Ages 6 -12

Children will take home

- Their own customized scent

- Their own songwriting workbook to continue working on

- Some beginner Ukulele Skills*

*Ukuleles available to hire in limited supply for an extra $10*

Hosted at the beautiful Yoga Everyday Space in Stafford, equipped with it's very own 'Zen Garden' for your child to bliss out and find their own inner inspiration.

About Elmukulele;

Erin grew a love of Ukuleles for their simplicity, transportable size, powerful sound and variety. Erin quickly became the expert on all things Ukulele and developed her own unique sound. She now loves helping others find their creativity through Ukulele and sparking joy in anyone who will listen.

ELMUKULELE is a hybrid service of tuition, workshops and customised musical experience for all those (young and old) who love music, want to improve their skills or play an instrument for the first time

About Joey;

Joey is a Mum of 3 and entrepeneur who has a deep passion for empowering people to connect, make conscious choices and to live a healthier happier life.

This passion is a result of her own experiences; how she empowered herself and learnt to make conscious choices for the health of my family, when, five years ago when her second child was diagnosed with celiac disease. This diagnosis kick started her focus on healthy eating, and the larger wellness journey that followed.



Book now to secure your child's spot.

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Ukuleles For Cricketers

Jiminy Cricket! In collaboration with Cricket Australia, Elmukulele had a wonderful time this month working with the junior Australian cricket team providing a 2 hour workshop focused on team bonding, discovery and fun. 

The cricket team had no idea what they were in for and had not been told what they were doing, so you can imagine the looks on the faces walking through the door seeing rows of colourful ukuleles awaiting them! We had them strumming, singing and performing in groups within 2 hours and it was a delight to see the team getting to know each other in a different setting, with some hidden talents emerging by the end of the day. 

We ended on a high as the Cricket players were able to take home their very own (travel size) ukuleles to take with them on their journey.  

If you're looking for something different for your team (corporate, sporting or community) it's a fantastic experience for all.

Check out some of the fun below. 

Uke Can Play Ukulele, Childrens Workshop

We are excited to announce we are doing another workshop in collaboration with Downtown Creative Studios. The last workshop had the children forming new friendships, learning to play in time with each other and also getting the chance to perform what they had learnt at the end of the class. 

Book tickets now for our JUNE workshop HERE 

3rd June, 1-3pm. Downtown Creative Studios. 

There are a limited number of tickets available so don't miss out!

childrens workshop june downtown.jpg

School Holiday EASTER Workshop

We are so EXCITED to announce our next Childrens workshop will be hosted in collaboration with Downtown Music Studios. There will be two seperate age groups, 8-12 and 13-16 to cater to the needs (and musical interests) of the 2 demographics. 

A great chance to give your child the opportunity to socialise, learn how to play in a a group, hand coordination/fine motor skills, sing and play at the same time and learn some well known songs to continue at home. It's a great size instrument for smaller hands and can be a gateway to the guitar, violin and even mandolin!! 

More info here  

Book tickets by calling Sam or Kathleeen at Downtown Studios, 

Ph: (07) 3161 8076




Ukulele and Mindfulness

Mindfulness...somewhat of a buzz word for 2017, but also a great way to be present, enjoy the moment and totally get lost in the music when it comes to Ukuleles!

This workshop was focused on building skills and technique to work into playing music on the Ukulele and boy did we have fun! In the short time frame of two hours we covered basic chords, 4 different finger picking styles and a fantastic way to break down well known songs into creative playing. Sometimes it's hard to get past the old 'strum and play' when learning the Uke (which don't get me is great fun!), but can become a bit tedious when playing the same way with EVERY song. Let's face it, dynamics just make everything better, and even though my lucky 15 victims might have been brain fried with all their newfound skills, they definitely wouldn't have been able to focus on anything other than the music. 

Voila! perfect mindfulness. 

All in all, it was a really fun night seeing fresh faces once again at Work-shop Brisbane!

See you at the next one

- Erin

Uke Can Play Christmas Songs

Dec 2017, I  teamed up with the lovely folk at Work-Shop Brisbane to produce a yummy Christmas themed ukulele workshop for those closet players ready to embark on their musical quests. 

It was a great turnout (although I forgot to take pictures with actual people in them) and fabulous to see such a diverse mix of people coming together to learn such a fun and simple instrument. Ukulele really is for everyone, whether it be someone picking up music for the first time, or a seasoned musician ready to have a little fun on a new instrument. 

We did all the favourites such as Feliz Navidad, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells (which I think was the most popular as it only had 3 chords!!). And even had a little girl jumping up to sing 'Jingle Bells' into the microphone as her new backing band played along ;)

The finger picking section of the workshop was one of the most popular activities and one I was very impressed by everyone picking (excuse the pun) up very quickly. 

I'm very excited to announce I'll be doing another 2 workshops with Work-Shop Bris (in a new an exciting location) January (10th) and February. January is going to be focusing on mindfulness and Ukulele, a fun way to switch off from the stress that may arise in the year ahead, and February is going to be themed with Beatles songs! 

If you'd like to attend the next workshop click this link

Till next time!


Winter Ukulele Workshops

I had the pleasure of working with Jodie Yamanda from Jodies Healing Heaven in a joint, collaborative 'mindfulness and ukulele' workshop for teenage and tween girls. 

We created a unique and interactive experience for the young ladies to inspire and empower themselves via meditation and music. They were given powerful tools in way of coping with stress, finding their inner voice and letting go of all the everyday worries delving into basic ukulele and singing techniques.

It was wonderful to see their progress after only 3 hours in the workshop, as they went from shy and timid, to confident and working as a team to create beautiful music (as well as some well known tunes they could impress their family and friends with).

Some photos from the day below

- Erin